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Established in 1958, Victor Construction uses sophisticated management techniques, extensive project analysis, astute bid packaging and volume discounts to save time and money for insurance companies, property owners, investors, tenants and home owners.

No Conflicts of Interest

  • We use only independent, insured sub-contractors and have no financial interest with any of our suppliers. We remain objective in our consulting service to clients. Victor strives to provide you with the most cost effective service available while averting any conflict of interest.

Innovative and Cost-effective Solutions

  • Careful analysis to determine the cause of your problem saves precious time and money.
  • Our inspection, bidding and contracting is innovative and thorough.
  • Our ability to consult with subcontractors enables us to recommend the most cost-effective approach and eliminate cost-overruns.



  • Since our professional reputation is at stake, we commit ourselves to providing the highest quality, at a reasonable cost, in the shortest possible time.

Minimal Tenant Inconvenience

  • Many of our clients are leaders in their industry, so we are keenly aware that tenant inconvenience must be minimized. Careful planning, coordination and on-going communication with our clients ensures harmony during construction.




Victor Construction, Inc. is a proud member the Wisconsin Association of Home Inspectors

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